Way too Long!

Howdy folks. Sorry for such a delay between posts. Kathryn and I have been out gallivanting spending time in Mexico as well I have returned to Canada twice to help run TRP 2 programming. We have really enjoyed our time here in Yuma Arizona this winter. Having escaped what seemed like a terrible winter everywhere in Canada including Victoria, we find our selves ready to depart our new southern home this coming Tuesday and heading back towards the great white northern exposure.

The friends we have made here since Nov 2018 have been great indeed. Soooo many Canadians and several US folks have made our first Snowbird experience just great. We have already booked this same location for next season as well as 6 weeks in Bucerius Mexico next Feb and into March 2020.

Thanks so much to Shari Lukens for watching our pup Nikki while we were in Mexico this winter. That was a huge stress off our plate to have someone we know watching out for dog and trailer. Many thanks.

Working the business from Yuma and in Mexico hasn’t been the trouble we had anticipated. Although using a AZ cell phone to call potential clients I found myself screened almost every-time. Most people reported to me later they thought I was some telemarketer or something. Once we got the internet piece with Verizon Jetpack sorted, we were away to the races. Internet was great in Mexico so no issues there. We are hopeful that once we return to Canada, we will source a solid mobile option for us as we romp around western Canada again this summer. If anyone has suggestions we are all ears!

Kathryn’s wrist has healed well and she is back playing golf and cycling a bit. No pain with golf but she experiences some difficulty with riding still. The forward pressure on the wrists is a bit too much for it so far. We are sourcing some solutions as we will both be riding in the Wounded Warriors Canada Battlefield Bike Ride in late May in France. This will be a great trip so hopefully her wrist is better.

I will try and get going again with posts while we are on the move so stay tuned as the Grey Water Tales road show is about to start again! Not sure yet of our routing as we want to go north through Las Vegas, Reno and such but we will eventually have to cross some mountains. From what we’ve seen thus far on highway cameras at the highest elevations we need to cross, there is still bags of snow…. If that persists, we will head over to California and link with I-5 and follow that until we hit Canada. We expect to cross to Vancouver Island from Port Angeles and settle into Weir’s Beach RV on 1 April. Hope to see some of you soon.  C and K

2 thoughts on “Way too Long!

  1. Jennifer Brum

    Glad to hear that (almost) all your snow bird dreams have come true! I look forward to seeing you both when you’re back and settled on the rock.

    Hugs to you both,



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