A Little too Long

Howdy folks. Well it’s been a little too long since we updated you on our Yuma excursion… It has been typically nice here with a few coolish days where we really had to wear long pants and maybe a sweater in the evenings 😉 The days remain sunny for the most part though and allowed us to explore the area as much as possible. I took a short trip up to Victoria last week to take part in our recent delivery of TRP 2 at the Prestige Resort in Sooke. Went well and I was able to maximize the trip by visiting with a few folks like Mom and Dad, Tim and Alex, sister Carolyn and husband Rick as well as an old friend from High School (Heather) along with her parents from Lachine PQ (Mister and Mrs Maxwell). Great to see them all again. I was also able to get some Accountant and Banker stuff completed which is hard to do from Yuma. Mom and Dad were well, we enjoyed a couple of evenings together and some good food. Sabhai Thai… mmmmm

In Sooke, I was blessed with working with dear friends and colleagues Megan, Paulo and new therapist Mila. A dynamic trio to be sure! Thanks for your dedicated work you guys.


Kath has finally made it to a golf course again where she whacked a few out onto the range. It was great to finally see her swinging the clubs again as she’s been off it since July when that “thing” happened that we can’t speak of ever again…. Just in time for our trip to Mexico coming up 1 Feb where we plan to do a bunch more whacking of balls..

This past week we made our way to El Cajon, a suburb of SanDiego. The purpose of our trip was so that I could be in my happy place, the Taylor Guitar Factory and Headquarters…. They put on a tour of their factory where all the magic happens. I was extra impressed by how much they do to plant new trees that more than quadruples what they take from forests as far away as Cameroon. Before we could take the tour we managed a visit to the San Diego Aviation Museum to see some old war birds. Kath was amazed at just how small the pilot area was. Pretty cramped quarters even for a short ass like me!

Later the Taylor guitar tour was packed with at least 50 people, but the view was terrific anyway. Since I own and love my Taylor 414ce, it was extra special to see the entire process from raw lumber to finished and amazing sounding instrument. Before we moved into the fifth wheel, I had reduced my guitar collection from seven down to just my Taylor. This also included the sale of my travel guitar which seemed like a good idea at the time. I have had my eye on the Taylor GS Mini and wouldn’t ya know it, they had one in the show room! I think Kath saw the longing in my eyes and cleared me to “hot” for the deep dive. To make a long story even longer, I picked one up along with a Taylor Sense humidifier sensor for my 414ce. Moving from extreme wet to dry climates wreaks havoc on precious wood in guitars so this is a wise investment me thinks. Had an amazing Pho Vietnamese meal. Likely the best Pho we’ve ever had! But now on to the Guitar porn!


IMG_0261.jpegMy Taylor 414ce and new GS Mini. Great new travel guitar!

So, we made it back to Yuma last evening after what was a great two days together in San Diego seeing some touristy stuff, eating some great food, and visiting what I consider to be the starting point for one of the best guitars made. It was great to speak to other guitarists there who felt similarly to me and to enjoy each others playing with these great instruments. I feel good and we are doing well.   Talk soon.  C and K

2 thoughts on “A Little too Long

  1. Mom and Dad

    HI Chris and Kath. Glad to know that you are having nice but at time a little coolish. Maybe its getting you prepard for the return up north. That sure looks like a great ghitar. Ask me if Im jealous. Nice that you have had some nice dining. Good to know that Kathryn is back to swinging the clubs again. We are well. We enjoyed your recent visit. We are having some nice weather. Today was 8 degrees. Not bad. Talk to you guys soon. Love Mom and Dad.


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