Los Algodones Mexico Time

The weather here in Yuma has been nice this week with a few scattered clouds and a couple of coolish days but overall it’s been terrific. Made it out on the bikes yesterday. The first time for Kath since the day that shall remain “un mentioned” last July when she had some up close and personal time with the pavement resulting in the fracture of her wrist. She ended up doing fine with a bit of wrist swelling and throbbing pain but it settled with some ice and Tylenol. She needs to get it in shape for the BBR19 ride in France this May/June 2019 so starting now makes sense.


IMG_0131  Headed down to Los Algodones Mexico today which is just inside the California/Mexico border and only 15 minutes drive from Yuma. Effort free crossing by foot with a great big ass parking area on the US side making the crossing much less work. Lots of typical Mexican shops with most of the same stuff we see each year in Bucereus. Amazing showing of pharmacy, liquor and dental shops there. Apparently it is huge business for that type of tourism so if you need a tooth pulled, orthodontist work or prescription drugs or whatever, you are good to go in Los Algodones. One thing I didn’t expect to see was the shop offering Stem Cell work…. I did not see that coming!

IMG_0134  Met a terrific couple at a local watering hole for a Margarita and chips and salsa. They were from Arizona and seemed intent on buying up all the local art. We got a kick out of her T-shirt that explained that she simply didn’t give a fuck! They said that many US citizens come to Mexico to buy all their needed medications as they are a fraction of the cost when purchased in the US. Sun was nice, and the drinks and people were nicer! Great way to spend the 23rd of Dec we’d say.  Talk soon.  C and K

One thought on “Los Algodones Mexico Time

  1. Mom and Dad

    Sounds like you two are having a great time. Glad to hear that Kath. is getting back at biking. We are now at Susans , going to Graces this evening for turkey. Everybody is well. Going back on Wed. next. Have a nice Xmas and enjoy your turkey dinner. Miss you guys. Love Mom and Dad.


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