Two weeks in

Howdy folks. Kath and I are doing well here in Yuma. Weather has been hovering between 22-27 daily with brilliant sun. So nice to be feeling this summer like weather in Dec! We have met many new friends here. The community is very supportive as both US and Canada Snowbirds are here for the same reasons.

We remain astounded by just how dry it is here. The ground hasn’t seen much moisture since the summer so it is so compacted when it does rain the water doesn’t sink in; just stays on top and evaporates. Have managed to get in a round of golf last week; a few more to go soon.

We have visited old Yuma downtown which was a bit different to what we expected. All very low level buildings without any glass and steel structures. Some very nice restaurants though. We walked on a trail adjacent to the Colorado River which devides Arizona from California. Saw my first ever fake palm tree cell phone tower…. photo to prove it below.  We’ve been enjoying the local “street meat” tacos as well as doing most of our own cooking on the BBQ.

This afternoon we are heading out to explore and take in a “Date Milkshake” recently recommended by some Canadian friends here. Will report on it next post.

For two weeks in, all is good.  C and K

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