Yuma my Best Friend!

Kath and I made it toYuma a couple of days ago and have spent the time getting things settled like internet and cell phones. One has been successful thus far and one a miserable fail.

As we arrived we met Bob and Doreen Lukens (Shari’s M and D) who graciously helped us secure the spot we have parked our rig for the next 4 months. We are in a regular residential area where they have converted the property into two 50 amp sites for big rigs. This gives us huge property and no RV park rules to comply with. We are on the east end of Yuma looking south into Mexico. Very desert like and the heat has been terrific thus far. Our trailer made the trip rolling well down the highway without any incident at all. Truck performed well but its time to rotate tires and change the fuel filters.

Beam Speed internet is up and helloing me to get this note out to you. Installed yesterday early and in about 30 minutes. Cell phone instigation didn’t go as well yesterday after struggling to get our older iPhone 6s unlooked through Telus and then loaded up with a US SIM card. All seemed to load ok but then it never did give us service through Verizon. I went back to the dealer and they struggled for an hour with Tech Support to no avail. I drove away without a functioning US cell phone and now it is Thanksgiving here so we will have to continue to use our Canadian iPhones this weekend but we are still on our Canadian/US plan so we are good.

I am off this am with Shari’s Dad Bob in his CanAm four wheeler. We are going to some place called “The Great Wall of China”…. that should be interesting to say the least! Anyway they have made us feel very welcome to our new “hood” and we are looking forward to a milder and very different winter this year. I will post photos of the ride this morning later today. We have a date with another neighbour for Thanksgiving Dinner. Apparently about 30-40 people are expected…. Talk soon.

ps. I will forward our new US cell number soon.     C and K

One thought on “Yuma my Best Friend!

  1. Shari Lukens

    Great to know you made it safe and sound and have settled in (somewhat). Love the Great Wall of China! A fun ride. Happy (American) Thanksgiving! Enjoy your new friends and neighbors.


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