Palm Desert or bust or 3:10 to Yuma….

Well we decided to take the extra day tomorrow and stop at Palm Desert today. We really enjoyed the Orange Grove RV site last evening at Bakersfield. Kinda cool living in an orange grove!

Wow what a nice spot at Indian Wells tonight. The 20 degree evening is also not hard to handle. We went through some interesting terrain today including the Mojave Desert (wouldn’t let my dog live there) but it was interesting just the same. Many wind machines; in fact more in one place than I’ve ever seen before.

Stoped at a great little hole in the wall, Boran California (photo below) had about as much stuff on the walls as could be imagined. Great Huevos Rancheros for brunch though which really hit the spot. This evening we are waiting to head out for dinner while also waiting for laundry to finish. All this while savouring a beer for me and cider for Kath.

Tomorrow we will have just 2.5 hours into Yuma… I think we’ll leave late morning so we get in around 3:10…. they should make a movie called that I think😝 Ha!

Talk tomorrow or the next day after we get our new high speed internet installed. We think we could get used to this!💃🕺🏻 C and K

3 thoughts on “Palm Desert or bust or 3:10 to Yuma….

  1. Shari Lukens

    Awesome! Glad you are having a good trip. Yes it’s a real eye opener driving in to Palm Springs. All the wind turbines. Not a landscape that appeals to me. Let me know when you land at your site.

    Safe travels. S

    Shari Lukens c: 1.250.882.2912 e:

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  2. Mom and Dad

    Nice that you were able to vsit Palm dessert. I guess you wil be glad to get to Yuma. Once set up, drop us a line. Talk to you soon.Mom and Dad.


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