Off we go again!

Howdy folks. We have been quiet on the blog for a couple of months since we settled into the Oceanside RV park just south of Sidney BC. It was a great time to re connect with my Mom and Dad as well as sister Carolyn and friends. We are currently at the Coho Ferry doc awaiting a ride across to Port Angeles this morning to start our 6 day trek to Yuma Arizona. We plan to be south for the first time ever as rookie Snowbirds this winter. Looking forward to golf and cycling and a bit of those sunny skies. We will check in as we go spinning tales of hopefully positive events. We will also share what may go sideways and how we manage but both Kath and I are very optimistic it will be a great trip. Talk soon.

One thought on “Off we go again!

  1. Mom and Dad

    So good to hear from you so soon Glad that all is well so far. Must feel good to be on your way, since you two have been talking about it for a long time.Talk to you soon. Love, Mom and Dad


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