And then there was smoke and cars, cars, cars!

Well we remain in St Albert AB at the Kinsmen RV Campgrounds which is a terrific place to hang ones cap when in this area. The sites are extremely well maintained with full hookups and several drive through spots for those who struggle to back into sites. The washrooms are very clean and staff are super helpful and friendly. Also, located adjacent to the park is a series of athletic pitches from soccer to Rugby to cricket to football so the evenings are never dull and without activity. The amazing cycle/walking trails in St Albert are worth taking in as well. One trail runs right beside the campground so I have been able to access these very safe and well maintained trails with ease. Now if only the smoke would clear!

Would love to do more cycling but today and recently the smoke from BC wildfires has been intense. Health authorities have been suggesting that one remains inside if at all possible. My eyes are sore and lungs feel yucky (technical term). I am to play golf tomorrow with Brother in Law Jim, so hopefully this smog settles down over night.

Kath remains at the struggle with swelling in her new cast. We were hopeful that the swelling would have settled down by now but it remains a troubled spot. She had the original cast off this past Sunday, got an X-ray, and a nice shiny new fibreglass cast so we were hopeful this would be the start of something that would feel like healing…. not so much. The plate and eight screws holding her radius together look good though; don’t you think? Another two weeks in this cast and hopefully she can transition to a velcro brace to allow her some movement to get that swelling to dissipate and then start some Physio. We need to get that golf swing back in order by Christmas!


This past weekend we were privileged to witness a great car show in St Albert as well. Must have been hundreds of cars from all over North America so obviously a well rated event. The quality of the work done on these cars was impressive. When I come back in my next life, I want to be an old 46 Willy’s Jeep… or that sexy Audi.

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