Smokey or what!

The BC forest fires have deposited a murky grey smog over much of BC and Alberta these past few days. Many, including Kath and me are experiencing sore eyes and a stitch at the back of our throats. Just when I thought it would improve, another thick layer came rolling in like a runaway train this afternoon. Can’t imagine how those with Emphysema and COPD are managing with this. Staying indoors with the AC on is about the only tool so those without AC will be struggling a great deal. Hopefully there will be some cooler and wetter weather to follow or perhaps we will all perish in the flames! The reddish smoke filled sky and muted sun late in the day are seen below.

Kathryn is doing ok with her cast/fracture these days although the extreme plus 30’s heat wave isn’t helping with the swelling. By the end of each day her left wing is fairly numb so she packs it in ice and keeps it elevated in the smokey smog.. She will get the cast removed and sutures out on Sunday but we expect another cast for another month. We’ve adjusted our arrival plans back in Victoria to end Sept 24/25 to facilitate me getting on a plane for Cornwall to attend the first TRP1 there. Finally getting TRP nationalized is a big treat given it took almost two years to get that done for COPE. We are operating on a completely different plain this time thanks to WWC.

Finally got that nasty root canal re done this past week. Seems the Banff version just didn’t take so after several additional and delightful dental chair sessions, I was referred to an EndoDontist who made short work of it. My tooth is feeling great so candied apples all around!!

Met with an old CF buddy last evening. Scott MacLeod and wife Debby joined us at an Italian spot in St Albert; Bucco Pizzeria. It was great to see them again. Scott has now left the CF and has moved on to the College of Physicians and Surgeons office in Alberta. Nice to see good people get ahead in life and continue to do great work.


I have been cycling regularly this week to get in shape for the WWC Highway of Heroes HHR bike ride from 25-25 Aug from Ft Langley to Victoria. Things are going well as I carefully negotiate every railway crossing! I managed to get 9 holes in this morning at the Twin Willows Golf Course just off 137th Ave in Edmonton. Great course, well watered, nice greens and plenty of water to take your ball. I did nine holes and shot a 40 for the back nine so I am happy with the way I’m hitting the ball this summer. Many more rounds to come and hopefully Kath can catch up in the fall when her putting arm is back in shape.

I’ll stop here for today but not before I show off the amazing cherry pie our daughter Jennifer made for our little family gathering the other night. She gets those skills from Kathryn for sure.. Talk soon.  C


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