Settled into St Albert

We arrived at the Kinsman RV Park in St Albert last Wednesday. First time at this park and we have found a beautifully kept grounds and very pleasant staff. The weather has been a bit unsettled vacillating between rain, thunder, lightening and then hot and humid… typical Alberta situation where if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.

Met a nice couple, Jim and Sharon who have been full-time RVing for 11 years. They’ve been all over including US and Mexico so they are a wealth of experience for us to tap into. Jim was an electrician prior to retirement so he was able to solve my electrical issue without too much difficulty. All good now. Note to self; when loading the bike bags, don’t let the hard shell hit the battery isolation switch! Sometimes it’s the simplest fix and other times not so much.

Kath and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary on the 2nd. We had a fantastic dinner at a restaurant in St Albert called “XIX”. Simply amazing food and service with a contemporary decor. Many thanks to the staff who provided an excellent dining experience for Kath and me. We would highly recommend this terrific restaurant.


My dental issues have popped up again which had me referred to an Endo Dentist this week. They did a digital 3D X-ray (very cool) and discovered the root canal recently established when we were in Banff wasn’t doing well. The plan was to redo it yesterday and I already feel the difference. BTW, for those of you about to retire from the CAF, make sure you sustain your medical/dental coverage as I have accessed it plenty over the past two months and it has saved enough to pay the pad fees for a month… just saying.  In short I think I am now done with dental shit for awhile… I hope.

Kath is doing better with a keen reduction in the swelling of her left arm which left her very uncomfortable towards the end of the day. She is starting to get used to a reduced functionality with that hand and compensating by using a hip or bracing items that normally need a two handed approach against her body. When that fails I find myself taking the role of her left hand and making things happen.  It’s a team approach and thus far seems to be working well.

We are off to daughter Jennifer’s place this evening for a BBQ with her boyfriend Jeremy’s parents and brother. Looking forward to seeing these folks as it’s been a year since we last connected. We are already missing the Grandchildren nestled so deep into Saskatchewan.  We will need to figure out how and when to get back there.

Given the situation with Kathryn’s wrist and timing to get the cast off, we will likely amend our arrival back date in Victoria so she can start physio well before we head south for the winter in mid Nov. Those friends and family on Vancouver Island can likely look forward to seeing our faces again end Sept. All good. C


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