On the move again

Kath and I left the Gordie Howe Campground in Saskatoon this morning but not without some parting shots at us across our bow… As I was bringing the slides in, the breaker kept triggering and allowing the slide to move only 6-7 inches at a time. Most disturbing especially since we wanted to get ourselves up and going trying to move away from the last week of disappointing wait times for surgery and bumps. Spoke to an RV tech and he suggested I might have an issue with the RV’s converter so we’ll get that looked at when we get to Edmonton. I put a 20 amp fuse in the breaker slot replacing the 15 amp and it worked well to get the slides in. Thought I had that solved when the auto levelling system wouldn’t work to retract the stabilizer legs. WTF!! I hooked the truck to the trailer with power on the advice of the Tech and that gave me the 12 volt power I needed.  All that to say we got the slides in and support legs up and we hit the road. Holy crap!

Settled into North Battleford for a quick lunch at Mickey “D’s” and then on to Lloydminister for the night. Amazing dinner at Montana’s for their best ribs ever.

Kath is a bit sore this evening with a swollen wrist pushing from the inside of that cast. She is a trooper but it’s obvious she is struggling this evening with personal comfort. Satellite TV much appreciated tonight as we sit back and reflect upon our last month in Saskatchewan. It had its ups and downs but time with family made it worthwhile. Connecting with Jeff, Brooke, Olivia and Anderson brought smiles to our day. Tooth pain and a fractured wrist were ugly elements to be truthful but we are moving on and looking forward to our time in Edmonton. This starts tomorrow!

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