Kathryn Update

Howdy folks. As an update, Kathryn has not yet had the required surgery on her triple fractured left wrist. We moved our rig into Saskatoon to be close to the hospital so when they pull the trigger for her surgery we will be close vice having to drive 2 hours. She was told to be NPO last Sunday evening for a Monday surgery and then was promptly bumped from the Monday schedule; and then bumped again each day this past week due to more serious Ortho traumas coming in from the days activities and traffic snarls in Saskatoon and area. The hospital staff politely describe it as a “back log” but what it looks like is a significant lack of capacity and staff. Just one more reminder of the downside of socialized medicine here in Canada. The system works well but it can be a slog of a wait when your injury gets triaged low. We aren’t taking it personal of course and just trying to be patient and go about our day with a tinge of optimism for tomorrow.

One of the most difficult and oddly cruel aspects of the RV park we are staying in (Gordon Howe RV Park), is that it is adjacent to a pretty nice golf course. We get to watch others do what we wish we were doing all day long… I want to give a shout out to the good folks running the Gordie Howe RV park for accommodating us so well. We were unplanned coming in here and they have shuffled other campers around so we didn’t have to move our rig while we wait. Many thanks.

Kathryn is in good spirits otherwise and doesn’t require anything for pain just now. She has a cast on her wrist and arm and keeps it in a sling most of the day until the swelling becomes too much to manage. She then gets it well elevated and uses some ice to assist. We have also considered getting a referral to Edmonton for surgery as well but were informed we’d likely see the same wait there. Anybody have a good Ortho Surgeon connection in Edmonton?? We are hopeful that this evening at 6pm we will get the call for tomorrow and we will be on our way by Tuesday after a day to recover. Wish us luck!

Here’s a few recent shots of our last couple of days in St Brieux Saskatchewan. Our daughter Jen and boyfriend Jeremy as well as Anderson, Kath with sling and Olivia. All great kids!

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