Humbolt Tragedy Remembered

Kath and I had the pleasure of attending the Wounded Warriors Canada Tribute to Your Service Event at the Elk Ridge Resort north of Prince Albert Saskatchewan this past week. An absolutely beautiful area and an amazing resort with everything one might want/need. 27 holes of fine golf course awaited us as well as zip lining and horseback riding. We had the pleasure of meeting several of the Nipawin EMS and fire veterans who were the first responders to the Humbolt bus crash. I am pleased to report they are doing ok but still grappling to understand and process the accident. They played a pivotal role in caring for the survivors as well as provided dignity for those who were killed at the scene.

WWC Intends to run a Trauma Resiliency Program (TRP) in the coming months to assist this group in recognizing the impact of this traumatic event and help them to establish new ways to manage it so it doesn’t develop into a PTSD. This is a key time for them and Kath and I were privileged to play a small role in helping them to see what was available to them. We shared parts of our story as a family impacted by PTSD which seemed to hit home for many of them.  It was great to be joined for our final dinner together by the Hon. Pamela Wallin Senator. She has long been a supporter of WWC and of course lives a few hours away from Humbolt.

Today we visited our Grand Children at Jeff and Brooke’s house. Olivia was a hoot building up towers with Kath and then smashing it down each and every time. I snuggled with Anderson who seemed especially interested in my glasses. These visits are really making the visit worthwhile as we are reminded how much fun being Grand Parents can be.

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