A bit of new and a bit of old

We have settled into the St Brieux Campsite and have a great spot. The weather has been great for the most part other than the severe lightening we experienced yesterday that chased us off the golf course in Melfort! We stopped at the 7th Tee box and went into town for some supper and by the time we finished it was sunny again so we went back and finished… Both Kath and I are enjoying the golf and each playing well this season.  Yes that drink is greenish… it’s a green apple flavoured Smirnoff. Don’t ask, just drink!

We got in a nice visit the other evening with our Grand Daughter Olivia. Kath picked her up at Daycare and brought her back to the trailer in the pouring rain. She was so cute and happy to play with toys and of course wonder dog Nikki. She is so good with animals. We had a great supper and got her home for bath and story time. I was gobsmacked at just how well she settled to bed. It was one of those days where it felt really good to be Grandparents. We hope to have many more experiences just like this one.

Not to finish on a bummer but my tooth pain is back and I have a scheduled extraction set for next Friday. Tomorrow, we are off to Eld Ridge Lodge just north of us for a Wounded Warriors Canada Tribute to Your Service Weekend. We will be meet up with a group of first responders who were involved with the tragic Humbolt bus crash. This is our work now and we are very proud to be involved in helping the courageous first responders who give so much.  I will check in at the end of the week.

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