Calgary to St Brieux

It has been a few days since my last blog so here I go catching you all up.

We departed The Riverbend Campground in Okotoks on Monday and headed east towards Kindersley hoping we would get a campsite with power and water for the night. The one and only campsite there didn’t take reservations so you roll the dice and get what you get!


Before I carry on with the drive, I really have to also mention the interesting International Party we attended at Cheryl and Paul’s place on Saturday…. Each couple was given two flags from a country from around the world. We were to select one of the flags and dress in customary garb and prepare a dish from said country. There were prizes for the best costume and food of course. Kathryn won for her ginger beef dish (one of my favourites). She dressed as a Gisha and I as a tired and weary railway worker complete with mason jar of nitro glycerin… we had to be so careful with that! Did you guess we were China? Anyway it was a smashing success with great food, friends and plenty of laughs.

The drive went well between Okotoks and Kindersley with sunny skies and no wind to speak of. Arriving in Kindersley we found a tired looking oil and gas town. At the campsite we were offered one of the three sites remaining that only offered 110 power, no water, no sewer. We settled in for the night after a tavern meal while watching the Fifa match between Iran and Portugal… 1-1 tie at the whistle. When we got back to the campsite we were greeted by this double rainbow.


Yesterday we arrived in St Brieux Saskatchewan after a day of driving with a considerable tailwind, which was lovely! We set up at the campsite finding it open, large and welcoming and able to accommodate our 41 foot fifth wheel. Satellite dish immediately locked onto the signal and internet worked flawlessly…. uh oh, things are working way to well!

Last evening we were invited over to meet for the first time our new Grand son Anderson John Linford. He represents the only chance of name perpetuation given he is currently the only boy Linford in the family to do the heavy lifting… He is simply magnificent and perfect in every way. We also see a huge difference in Grand daughter Olivia now at 2.5 years old and very VERY busy! It was a short visit but a terrific chance to re connect with Olivia and meet our new boy Anderson. We will be here for six weeks visiting and trying to jam in a year’s worth of fun and games. Talk soon.  C

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